Why is my Instagram reel only 30 seconds?

There are many reasons why your Instagram reel might only be 30 seconds long. If you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, it’s essential to understand what you’re offering to potential clients. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a simple yet effective Instagram reel to help you communicate your value to potential customers. In this post, we will answer the question of why is my Instagram reel only 30 seconds and what you can do to make it more engaging.

Instagram videos are a great way to build trust and engagement with your audience. It’s a visual medium, which means it’s easy for people to understand what you’re trying to say. It’s also a mobile-friendly format, meaning viewers can easily watch your video on the go. Over half of all Instagram users access the service through a mobile device.

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Why are Instagram reels important?

Instagram is a social media site where users can share photos and videos. Instagram lets users upload pictures and videos up to 10 seconds long to their account. These photos and videos can be shared with the community through a feed that shows what others are sharing.

Many people have concerns regarding their Instagram APP because Reels are not working properly sometime. You can Read out the guide on how you can fix that.

You can also follow other users. You can interact with others by liking and commenting on their posts. You can also add videos to your website if you are a blogger.

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Over 700 million people are using it. Young people mainly use it. You can use Instagram to market your product, service, brand, business, etc.

We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. There are more than 800 million active users on Instagram every month. Many people use Instagram to share videos, photos, stories, and other content with their friends and family.

Importance of Reels

To make your Instagram feed more engaging, you can make a video of your Instagram account and share it with your friends. You can upload your Instagram reel on YouTube or your Facebook page. The key here is to make it enjoyable. If you make it attractive, people will watch it. The 30-second Instagram reel is very short. To make it more engaging, you should put in more effort. It’s essential to make it enjoyable.

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What is a reel?

An Instagram reel is a type of video used to tell your story. You will see a pop-up box when you take a video and upload it to your Instagram account. In this box, you can write your story in a few words.

This is a small and short video. You can use this video to tell your story, introduce your products and share your brand message.

Now, let’s check out the benefits of uploading your video to Instagram.

30-day exposure

This is the main benefit of uploading your video to Instagram. If you upload your video to YouTube, it will only be shown for 2 hours. But if you upload your video to Instagram, it will be shown for 30 days.

If you are a B2B company, then this is a perfect thing for you. As of now, your brand will be seen by the customers for 30 days. This is a significant advantage for you.

It gives the complete picture of your brand

This is also a perfect thing. When you upload your video on Instagram, it will also give the complete picture of your brand.

You will get to know how people view your brand. You can also know what your competitors are doing and focus on your business.

It increases the engagement rate.

The engagement rate is the number of times a person interacts with a brand.

When you upload your video to YouTube, it will only show the video for 2 hours. And if it is posted on Facebook or Twitter, then it will be shown for only 24 hours.

But when you upload your video on Instagram, it will be shown for 30 days. So, it will increase the engagement rate.

It is a fantastic way to create viral content.

There is no other way than to create viral content. Your content must be exciting and engaging.

When you are creating a video, it must be attractive. And when you upload it on Instagram, it will show for 30 days. So it will make your video viral.

how you can make quick reels

How to make Instagram reels?

To start an Instagram video reel, you first need to create a channel. Once you do this, you need to add your videos. Your video reel can consist of several Instagram stories. You can also use your Instagram stories to make a video reel. The best way to make a video reel is to use a video editing program. If you do not have one, you can use the Instagram stories app on your phone to create a video reel.

Did you Update your instagram but still the Reels are not showing only Feed posts are available? Follow our helpful guide to know how to fix it.

Once you have uploaded your videos to your Instagram story, you must choose which one you want to start with. You can start from the beginning of your story or from anywhere.

How to make longer Instagram reels?

how to create longer reels

You can add more videos if you want to make your Instagram story longer. You can add as many videos as you want, but the length of the story will still be the same. To do this, click on the three dots at the screen’s bottom. Then, choose “add video” and choose the video you want to add.

You need to take a few more steps to make a more extended Instagram reel. You must ensure that your Instagram story is longer than 30 seconds. If it is less than 30 seconds, you will have to add photos to the story. You can use the Instagram stories app to do this. This is a free app and it is available for both Android and iPhone devices. You can also use the Instagram website to do this.

Benefits of Longer Instagram Reels

Longer Instagram Reels Are The Best Way To Get More Likes And Views

The latest trend in social media is Instagram. It is one of the most famous social media platforms where everyone can share their photos with others. With this app, you can take a lot of photos, edit them and upload them on the platform. But it is only possible to share some photos on Instagram at once.

To share your photos with others, you must create a photo album. There is a limit to how many photos you can share on Instagram; if you exceed the limit, the app will not allow you to share more.

So, there is no doubt that you need to have many followers. If you don’t have followers, you can’t expect others to share your posts. But the question is how you can increase the number of followers.

You can create a longer Instagram video, which will be a great way to get more likes and views. But, many factors can affect a video’s number of views and likes.

Here are some reasons why a longer Instagram video will be the best solution for you.

  • Your content will be shared for a long time

Many people like to watch a longer video instead of a short one. So, if you can make a long video, you will get a lot of likes and shares.

  • It will make your videos popular

If many people do not like your videos, then you can’t expect that you will get a lot of followers. But, if you make a longer video and post it on Instagram, it will be more interesting for the audience.

  • You can get more views and likes

A longer video will help you to reach a lot of people and you will get more likes and views.

  • You will get more clicks

A longer video will make you get more clicks because people will watch it for a longer time.

Many people asked question why their APP Don’t have Reels feature Available yet? Well there are some countries restriction from Meta. You can check it out are your country eligible.

Why is my instagram reel only 30 seconds: Conclusion

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms, and if you want to get more likes and views, then it is the best place for you. The most important thing is to make your video interesting for the viewers.

You will get more views and likes if you can make a longer video. You will also get a lot of clicks and can quickly increase the number of followers.

So, the question Why my Instagram reels are only 30 seconds? is answered in this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Instagram reels only 15 seconds?

The former 30-second time limit for Instagram highlights has been increased to a full minute. Yet, by default, you only have 15 seconds. For Instagram users who can’t seem to access the Reels feature, we recommend upgrading to the latest version or reinstalling the app entirely.

How to get 90-second reels on Instagram?

The photo-sharing app is updating with a new function that will allow you to show off your skills in reels for longer. Instagram has announced the release of new features, including 90-second Reels. The online photo-sharing app previously only allowed for 60 seconds of content in the Reels, but now users have 90 seconds.

Why is Instagram reels 60 seconds not working?

It’s possible you’re using an outdated version of the Instagram app. Instagram Reels malfunctioning could be because of an accumulation of app cache. Try downloading the latest version of the app and then cleaning the app’s cache from under Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear cache.

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