What’s the difference between Instagram stories and reels?

Instagram is the most famous social networking app like Facebook that is being used for posting and sharing photos and videos to a group of audiences. Although the app is very useful, it is not a very good platform to create high-quality and creative videos for entertainment.

Whereas, Instagram has only one option to upload a, whereas the other one has numerous options to upload using the post button videos in different shapes, formats, filters, and sizes. In this article, we will guide you to everything about the What’s the difference between Instagram stories and reels. 

 The reason is that the videos posted on Instagram are limited to a square format and it has been a trend among youngsters that they post videos in different formats as a way to attract the eyes of the viewers.

However, there is a huge difference between the videos uploaded on Instagram and those uploaded on Youtube, Facebook, or other social media platforms

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What’s the difference between Instagram stories and reels? And What are Reels?

difference between instagram stories and reels

Reels are a collection of images that you can publish as a video or single image using filters. They disappear after 24 hours and we can not save the reels, it has some great features like auto-play, auto-loop, and auto-rotate. So, that’s why people are using this. The Reel is the video where we have just one picture, and that will come in the middle of the video.

Realize what you want your Instagram schedule to look like. Based on the type of feed you have, we show you how much time each post should take, and when it’s all good to go.

Advantages of reels:

Advantages of Using Reels

  • They are the best medium to introduce your business. They are a great promotional tool that works wonders for the Instagram community.
  • The major benefit of using them is that it makes your photos look better and attracts more customers to your brand.
  • Your business name and brand message are displayed prominently, making it look professional.
  • With them, you can customize your images to make them look better and eye-catching.

What is the story?

What is the story

They are a collection of images that are automatically saved, and we can publish as a post or a series of images. This is the most famous feature that we use on Instagram.

It is similar to the reel but we don’t have a video with one image, we have numerous images that are automatically saved as stories. The image appears as the thumbnail of the story.

We have a video option in the reels, but it will appear as a slideshow and we don’t have any video option in stories.

What are the advantages of a story?

  • The first advantage of using them is that it is very easy and simple to use and it will take less than a minute to upload the status of a photo or a video.
  • Another advantage is that the other ones are not automatically saved; however, stories are saved on our mobile or computer.
  • The second advantage of using the stories is that you can share a story with your friends and followers with a single click, as the story will disappear after

Differences between reels and posts:

The difference between stories and reels is that the stories are not saved in the main account while reels are. If you are a brand, then you should use reels to show your latest products and other activities.

Limitation of Stories:

The limitation of the stories is that it is limited to 16 seconds only. On the other hand, reels don’t have any limitations because they can be used for long-form videos or audio that can exceed 60 seconds.

How to make reels:

If you are a user and want to make stories but don’t want to make videos, then you can just use a video recorder application with a single click. And if you want to make a video reel, then you will have to install the app on your smartphone. It will ask you for the length of the reel.

Advantages of reels:

Some of the advantages of the reels are that you can upload videos up to 60 seconds in length. And you don’t have to worry about the limits. And the best thing is that you don’t need to pay to upload the videos in your reels.

Differences between reels and story:

The difference between stories and reels is that the stories are limited to 16 seconds while reels don’t have any limitations. Also, stories can be saved but reels cannot.

Instagram reels vs story, which one is better for growth?

Both Instagram reels and stories are used to grow your page’s audience and get more fans. You can post both, but one may work better than the other. You can use your video reel to get likes, whereas you can use your story to make money. Instagram reels are great for gaining more likes.

 A reel is usually a series of pictures that can show off your work. You can add captions and descriptions to your photos. You can also put some hashtags in them. You can also post multiple pictures in one reel. You can do this by editing your reel with the right software. You can post your reel once a week, and your audience will view it.


In conclusion, this isn’t a platform that has come a long way. With the latest update to the app, it is much more interactive than ever before. The new features that are included allow you to post videos, images, stories, comments, and more on your screen. 

You can also add hashtags and comment on posts. These updates have made the platform a lot more fun. This is a great time to join it. You’ll enjoy posting and seeing what others have posted on the platform.

Insta Stories is an update to the Insta platform. They are short-form video clips that are only available for 24 hours after being uploaded to the app. We hope this article on What’s the difference between Instagram stories and reels was a helpful guide in answering your questions.

Frequently Ask Question

How can I share my Instagram stories? 

How can I share my Instagram stories? 

You can use the Insta app on your phone or you can log in to the website.

 How do I share my Instagram reels? 

You can upload your reel to your profile or you can publish it on your Instagram story.

 Do I need to buy a camera for Instagram? 

No, you don’t need a camera for it.

 What is the difference between a reel and a story?

 What is the difference between a reel and a story

 A reel is a short, fast-paced story. A story is longer, and may or may not be fast-paced.

Do Reels or stories get more views?

 No, it is all about the content.

What is the purpose of stories on instagram?

Stories are a fun way to publish quick moments with your friends. They also allow you to connect with other fellows around the world in real-time.

How many views do you need to get paid on instagram reels?

At least 20,000 views for a video reel. For a photo reel, it’s at least 5,000.

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