What time is best to post reels on Instagram?

Instagram is the biggest social media platform like Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter, where users upload various things through images. There are a lot of users who use this platform to share their experiences, photos, audio, music, status, quality information, and videos. But the question is what time is best to post reels on Instagram.

There is one of the biggest features of this platform is the flexibility of sharing anything through the images. In this post, we are going to talk about the best time to post reels on Instagram.

what time is best to post reels on instagram

There is no fixed time when you should be posting your reel and the right timing depends upon several things. If you are planning to use Instagram for business purposes, then it is very important to choose the right time as it will help you to attract more customers.

Best time to post reels on Instagram:

Here are the top 5 best times for you to post on Instagram.


If you are an entrepreneur, then this is the best time to post reels on Instagram. As this is the peak time for users to see their daily posts and if your reel is related to daily activities then it will increase your sales. Also, if you are running an event related to filmmaking, then it is better to post it in the morning.


The peak time of audiences is in the afternoon so it is the right time to post your reel if you have some important updates.


If you are an individual artist then you can post it in the evening time. If you have a new project then it will help you to get the right audience as the users are online and watching the movies.

Late night

As this is the peak time of the day. Your reel will be more attractive if you post it at this time. The audience will start browsing the pictures and if you have a stunning reel then they will upload it.


If you are working in the film industry then you have to work late at night. You don’t have to worry if you will be late at that time because it is the peak time for users and if you post your reel at this time, it will be very attractive.

Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile

Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile
Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile

The most important aspect of Instagram is finding the best time to post it. If you don’t know how to use Instagram, then the following tips will help you to make the most of your account.

Set a goal:

When you set a goal for yourself, it will motivate you to do things better and it will boost your confidence. You need to be clear about what you want to achieve from your Instagram profile.

Make a schedule:

When you make a schedule for yourself, you will be more organized and your account will grow faster. You need to choose a time for each day when you will be active on Instagram.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags will help you to connect with your audience. Users will search for the related tags and you will get more views.

Make your own content:

If you have a great product and you have lots of followers, then you can start uploading on the screen. You need to make your own unique and interesting subject.

Join Insta groups:

Insta is not just a platform, it is a community. You need to join a group and publish your writer’s write-up with other users.

Have a contest:

It is a great place to publish your content, but you can also hold contests on your page and win a prize.

Use video:

If you have any video, you can also share it on your profile and user will love to watch the video.

Add a call to action:

You can add a call to action at the end of the video, which will encourage your followers to buy the product.

What is the best time to post on Instagram for likes?

If you are thinking about marketing your business, you need to use Instagram as much as you can. You need to post about once every day so that you are able to publish your product with your fans. There is no such thing as a bad time to post on Instagram. It is a good idea to post during the hours of 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. because this is when most people are active. If you post during this time, you will get the maximum number of followers.


In conclusion, to get your post in front of the right audience, you need to be strategic in your approach. The best reels posting time is when you have something new or exciting for the public. This is because the more you upload, the more likely your followers are to listen to you.

So, now you know how much time you should post your reel on Instagram. If you are still facing issues then you can contact our team at [email protected] and we will provide you with the best solution for your problem.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Does it matter what time you post on Insta Reels?

Does it matter what time you post on Insta Reels?

 Yes, it does. If you post on the same day or time you do other cyber media website uploads, you will get more attention. You should also upload by hitting the button on the same day you film it, so you can have consistency.

How often should you post reels?

I would recommend not going multiple times and posting every week or so, as long as you have something new to create and publish with a click. If you don’t have anything new, then you may want to wait until you do have something new.

What time is best to post reels on Instagram

What time is best to post reels on Instagram

Over that time, we’ve learned that the best time to post Reels is 9 AM and 12 PM.

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