What time is best to post reels on Instagram?

Instagram has evolved into an extremely popular social media platform, with more than 1 billion active monthly users. The most well-known function of Instagram is its video-sharing function, Reels. With Reels, users can make videos and then share their short captivating videos with their followers. However, just like any other site on social networks, the timing of your posts is key for maximizing your reach and engagement. In this post, we’ll discuss the best time to publish Reels on Instagram Based on a myriad of aspects.

what time is best to post reels on instagram

The Importance of Posting Reels on Instagram at the Right Time

When it is time to post on Instagram timing is everything. When you post at the appropriate time, it can dramatically increase engagement, reach, and ultimately, your popularity on the platform. Here are a few most important benefits of posting at the appropriate timing is essential:

  • Beat the algorithm: Instagram’s algorithm favors content that generates engagement shortly after it’s posted. Posting when your audience is most active can help you get more likes, comments, and shares, which can boost your content’s visibility.
  • Reach a wider audience: Posting at the right time can help you reach a broader audience, including followers in different time zones. This can lead to more engagement and growth in your followers.
  • Increase engagement: Posting at the right time can help you get more likes, comments, and shares, which can increase your engagement rate. A higher engagement rate can improve your chances of appearing on the Explore page, which can further increase your reach and followers.

There is no fixed time when you should be posting your reel and the right timing depends upon several things. If you are planning to use Instagram for business purposes, then it is very important to choose the right time as it will help you to attract more customers.

What are the Best Times to Post Reels on Instagram?

So, when is the ideal time to share Reels for Instagram? The answer is simple, it’s a matter of. The ideal time to post Reels on Instagram differs based on a myriad of variables, such as your audience’s demographics, geographical location, and time zone. Here is a general guideline to get you going:

  • Weekdays vs. weekends: Weekdays generally see higher engagement rates, as more people are at work or school and scrolling through their feeds during breaks. However, weekends can also be a good time to post, particularly on Saturdays when engagement tends to be higher.
  • Morning vs. evening: While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, many studies suggest that posting in the morning (between 9 am and 11 am) and in the evening (between 7 pm and 9 pm) can be effective. This is because people tend to check their phones in the morning and in the evening after work or school.
  • Time zone: If you have a global audience, it’s important to consider time zone differences when deciding when to post. Tools like Instagram Insights can help you track when your followers are most active, based on their location.

Factors that can Impact the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram

Although the above guidelines can serve as a good starting base, there are additional factors that affect the ideal time to post Reels to Instagram. Here are a few most important factors to take into consideration:

  • Audience demographics: Your audience’s demographics, like gender, age, and place of residence, can affect the best time to share Reels. For example, if, for instance, you have the majority of your audience as teens it could be that they are most active on Instagram during the afternoon or evening when they’re away from school.
  • Industry: The field that you’re working in will also affect the ideal time to publish Reels. For example, if your company is working in the fitness field the audience you target could be active earlier in the morning, or at night after work. Continuously
  • Engagement patterns: The engagement patterns of your audience may affect the ideal timing to publish Reels. If your target audience tends to interact with your content more at certain times in the morning, you might prefer to plan your content schedule around these times.
  • Holidays and events: Holidays and events can also impact the best time to post Reels. For example, during the holiday season, many people are on vacation and may be more active on social media during the day.
  • Competition: Finally, it’s important to consider your competition when deciding when to post Reels. If your competitors are posting at specific times, it may be beneficial to post during off-hours to avoid direct competition.

How to Determine the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram

With so many factors to consider, determining the best time to post Reels on Instagram can feel overwhelming. However, there are several strategies you can use to make the process easier:

  • Use Instagram Insights: Instagram Insights is a powerful tool that can help you track your audience’s behavior and engagement patterns. Use it to identify when your audience is most active, where they’re located, and what type of content they engage with the most.
  • Conduct experiments: Another way to determine the best time to post Reels is to conduct experiments. Try posting at different times and track your engagement metrics to see what works best.
  • Analyze your competition: Keep an eye on your competition and track when they’re posting Reels. If they’re posting during specific times, consider posting during off-hours to avoid direct competition.

Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile

Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile
Tips to Get more views: Grow your Profile

The most important aspect of Instagram is finding the best time to post it. If you don’t know how to use Instagram, then the following tips will help you to make the most of your account.

Set a goal:

When you set a goal for yourself, it will motivate you to do things better and it will boost your confidence. You need to be clear about what you want to achieve from your Instagram profile.

Make a schedule:

When you make a schedule for yourself, you will be more organized and your account will grow faster. You need to choose a time for each day when you will be active on Instagram.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags will help you to connect with your audience. Users will search for the related tags and you will get more views.

Make your own content:

If you have a great product and you have lots of followers, then you can start uploading on the screen. You need to make your own unique and interesting subject.

Join Insta groups:

Insta is not just a platform, it is a community. You need to join a group and publish your writer’s write-up with other users.

Have a contest:

It is a great place to publish your content, but you can also hold contests on your page and win a prize.

Use video:

If you have any video, you can also share it on your profile and the user will love to watch the video.

Add a call to action:

You can add a call to action at the end of the video, which will encourage your followers to buy the product.


Posting Reels to Instagram can be a powerful method to connect with your followers and boost your engagement. However, timing is critical to ensure your success. When you consider the demographics of your followers, their engagement patterns, as well as other variables, you will be able to decide the ideal time to publish Reels to Instagram. Utilize the methods above to test different posting times , and then track your results until you find the most effective time to post on your account.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Does it matter what time you post on Instagram Reels?

Does it matter what time you post on Insta Reels?

 Yes, it does. If you post on the same day or time you do other cyber media website uploads, you will get more attention. You should also upload by hitting the button on the same day you film it, so you can have consistency.

How often should you post reels?

I would recommend not going multiple times and posting every week or so, as long as you have something new to create and publish with a click. If you don’t have anything new, then you may want to wait until you do have something new.

What is the best time to post Reels on Instagram?

The best time to post Reels on Instagram varies based on several factors, including your audience’s demographics, location, and time zone. Some general guidelines include weekdays, mornings, and evenings.

How can I determine the best time to post Reels on Instagram?

You can use tools like Instagram Insights, conduct experiments, and analyze your competition to determine the best time to post Reels on Instagram.

Should I always post Reels at the same time?

While consistency is important, it’s also essential to mix up your posting schedule to reach a broader audience.

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