15 Most Famous Songs On Instagram Reels

No matter when you wish to spice up your life, Instagram is a wild hotspot for top-notch amusement. It makes sense that Instagram is used daily by more than 500 million users. Instagram is not just one of the biggest corporate powerhouses, but it’s also a fun location to check out some Instagram reels and occasionally follow trends. This article will give you all the detailed knowledge you require about the 15 most famous songs on Instagram reels in 2023. Hold off and check out everything we have to offer. 

It’s tough to stop listening to or viewing Instagram videos with seductive music playing in the background. It’s time to catch up if you’ve missed any of your favorite Instagram trending tunes, though. 

You’ll enjoy it, I can tell you that. Depending on what the algorithm has determined you like, Instagram Reels’ popular topics may change. The trending music and audios for Reels listed below are based on both our own analysis and feeds and the official Trend reports provided by the Instagram account.

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The top 10 India-original songs for reels on Instagram to dance to in 2023:

No.Most Viewed Indian songs in Instagram Reels in 2022Views
1Manike (from “Thank God”)1.8M
2No Love (Official Audio) – Shubh92M
3Ki Likha (Official Audio) – Kaka 13K 
4Rang Jo Lagyo (Lofi) (feat. Varun Wave)182K
5Le Chal – Himonshu2.1M
6Tumsa koi pyaara (lofi mix) 2K
7Into Your Arms (feat. Ava Max)228M
8Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai Trap (feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)3.8M
9Calm down – Selena Gomez81M
10CUFF IT – Beyonce13M
11Kesariya (from “brhamsa) dance mix22K
12Pink Venom – Blackpink403M
13Last first kiss – abeparker17K
14Dekha Ek Khwaab X O Meri Laila (feat. Public Music India)7.1M
15Galliyan Returns by Ankit Tiwari82M
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Top 10 trending songs on Instagram reels for 2023:

During 2022, these were some of the most exciting Instagram trending songs that we have mentioned below for you. If you like music and are passionate about good lyrics, these reel songs are sure to turn your energy on for the entire day. 

You may also desire to listen to the songs with their reels to enjoy the choreography and create yours next. We promise; it is so much fun.

No.Most trending songs on instagram reels for september 2022Views
1Hotling Bling X Laal Ghaghra (Ajwavy Desi Mashup Remix)5.1M
2Paro X Kangana terani swati chauhan333K
3Coka 2.0 – Liger57M
4Tauba – Badshah40M
5Aafat – Liger57M
6MASHOOKA – Rakul Preet Singh | Asees Kaur | Dev Negi | Tanishk24M
8Nasha x Let The Music Play967K
9Pasoori x Nucleya (@PRO BROS & JAZ Scape) Mashup (Link to YT)1.2M
10Sweat Myles Erlick979K
11Rusha & Blizza – Huzur (Reprise)Akhiyaan518K
12Mashup – Oo Antava Dj AR RockS37

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Songs that are catching up in trends this November:

Our collection of Hollywood and Bollywood songs that could trend on instagram reels this November 2022, is sure to get you hooked. Let us check them out.

No.Most trending songs on instagram reels for november 2022Views
1Kinna Sona – Phone Bhoot36M
2Haaniya Ve (Video) Thank God26M
3Mere Dil Gaaye Ja57M
4Step Copy – Doctor G3.9M
5Gori Hai – Sophie Choudry 16M
Guidelines for Finding Popular Music

General Guidelines for Finding Popular Music and Audio for Instagram Reels:

It might be difficult to find popular songs and audio clips to utilize in Instagram Reels for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Many songs and audio that go viral on Reels are re-uploaded from TikTok, making it difficult to find for them because the original artist’s identity or proper credit isn’t given.
  • There isn’t a simple chart or way to view the songs or audio that are popular on Instagram’s Reels Trends. 
  • Similar to TikTok trends, Reels come and go swiftly, therefore articles about purportedly popular music or audios for Reels quickly become out of date.

Finding these popular tunes is challenging, but it is not impossible. The simplest approach to gauge what’s popular is to browse through your Instagram Reels page and look for patterns and songs that keep coming up. 

The Instagram Reels algorithm frequently serves you the same music repeatedly or quickly, since we’ve discovered it enjoys repetition.

Tap on the audio icon in the bottom right corner once you’ve determined the most often heard audio. 

This will direct you to the page for that particular audio. This is the basis for how we selected the official picks from the Instagram @creators account and trending tracks and audios for IG Reels below. 

We have provided links for the “original audios” of the audio files so that you can easily find them. In order for you to stay current with trends, we’ll try to update the list at least once per week.


It is vital to have a relevant song in each reel’s video, and that song should be popular, else it is only a video with a typical voiceover. People wanted to watch something that was popular. 

You may obtain a collection of various 90s tracks for Instagram reel videos from this blog. Here is a list of the 15 most famous songs on Instagram reels. The top 10 India-original songs for reels on Instagram are also enlisted in this article.

Although it can be difficult, finding these well-known songs is not impossible. The simplest way to determine what’s hot is to search for trends and songs that frequently appear on your Instagram Reels page.


Why don’t certain songs appear on Instagram?

This is due to the fact that Instagram does not have the authority to release some music in your country.

How do I locate an audio reel on Instagram?

On your phone, launch the Instagram app. Access Reels (the icon next to the home button). There is a music button there (the first icon on the reels tab). You may view the saved audios as well as search for music. The “Saved” option can be used to access previously saved audio, while the “Search” field can be used to quickly find new music.

Is it possible to add music to just some of a reel?

Tap Music, then pick a song. To select which section of the music to play in your reel, use the slider bar at the bottom. On the upper right, click Done.

What kind of music are permitted for Instagram reels?

Using the Audio tool in Reels, you can record a reel with original audio that you have created, original audio created by another Reels creator, or music from the Instagram music collection. Keep in mind that until you remix the video, you cannot use the original audio from a feed video.

Should you utilise well-known music in your Instagram reels?

You should be fine if you watch a performance and post Stories, Reels, or Instagram Live recordings of the event. ‘Music in Stories’ is very acceptable. Utilizing too many full-length recorded songs can prevent you from broadcasting live.

What song is currently in the top position?

Unholy by Sam Smith & Kim Petras is currently the top song on iTunes. Charts that are comparable include the top 40 music videos, the top 100 albums, the top new songs for October 2022, and the top 200 songs on iTunes.

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