How to Repost Instagram Reels Videos on TikTok

Instagram Reels have quickly exploded as the premiere destination for creating and sharing short, entertaining video clips. And TikTok likewise remains massively popular for its endless stream of clever and amusing video content posted by diverse creators. So if you’ve spent time crafting amazing Reels, it makes sense to maximize viewership by how to repost Instagram reels videos on TikTok.

But how exactly can you re-share Reels videos seamlessly while preserving quality and customizing each version for the new audience? By reformatting appropriately for each platform, you amplify reach and engagement. This guide covers simple steps for locating your favorite Instagram Reels in the archive and How to repost Instagram Reels videos on TikTok with the best auto-upload tools and settings adjustments for optimized visibility. Take your stellar social videos further!

Accessing Your Collection of Created Instagram Reels

Before reposting Reels, you first need to relocate videos eligible for sharing to TikTok. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and visit your profile.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose “Archive” from the menu options.
  4. Select the “Reels” tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Scroll through your full catalog of previously posted Reels videos.

This displays every Reel you’ve ever created in one place for assessment. Consider factors like view counts, likes, comments, and overall resonance with fans when deciding which to migrate.

Reposting Your Reels Content to a TikTok Profile

Once you choose an eye-catching and well-performing Reel from your Instagram archive to share more widely, doing so with TikTok only requires a couple extra steps:

  1. While viewing the selected Instagram Reel, tap the three-dot menu at the bottom.
  2. Choose the “Save Video” option or Use the “Share” link.
  3. Open your TikTok app and go to the “Upload” screen.
  4. Access your phone’s Local Files or Media Gallery and pick the exported Reel video.
  5. On the editing screen, customize the caption and hashtags specifically tailored for the TikTok audience.
  6. Alter cropping or tags if helpful to better emphasize key moments.
  7. Post and share the Reel on TikTok to extend your creative content!

That covers a simplified reposting process to transfer standalone Instagram video clips into new TikTok content. Track engagement and reach growth from amplifying distribution.

Extra Tips for Social Video Success

Simply reposting the same Reels videos directly from Instagram over to TikTok can expand your content visibility. But taking it to the next level requires optimizing each version for its new audience.

Customize Captions by Platform

Reword captions appropriately when re-sharing Reels to resonate with each community’s culture. What works on Instagram may differ from expectations on TikTok.

Analyze Ideal Posting Times

Study analytics to determine when your follower activity typically peaks on each respective app. Schedule Reels uploads to align with high-traffic windows.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Include a targeted mix of popular general and niche hashtags so each post surfaces content matching user searches and interests on that specific platform.

What If You Can’t Repost Reels to TikTok?

While the reposting process seems straightforward, you may encounter issues uploading media from Instagram into TikTok if certain criteria aren’t met. Common problems include:

Formatting Restrictions

TikTok has strict specifications around video sizing, dimensions, and file types allowed. Reformat Reels if needed to conform.

Copyright Limitations

Media featuring copyrighted songs or content may get blocked or require permissions for reusing on other platforms.

App Permissions Misconfigured

Double check to confirm TikTok is allowed access to your phone’s media library and camera roll for importing.

Temporary App Errors

Glitches with either the Instagram or TikTok app related to server overload could briefly disrupt standard functionality.

Reposting Expands Your Reels Potential

After investing creative efforts crafting amazing Reels content, forcing that hard work to live solely within Instagram seems like a missed opportunity. Reposting your best videos into TikTok introduces your brand to whole new audiences.

The multi-platform strategy just requires:

  • Locating top quality Reels in your Instagram archive
  • Exporting videos to device storage
  • Uploading media files to a TikTok profile
  • Customizing caption text and metadata per platform

While navigating cross-promotion brings added complexity, embracing the challenge pushes your skills and distribution capacity to the next level. Smarter repurposing fuels growth.

So don’t keep Reels trapped! Follow the blueprint covered in this post to reimagine captive content from one app thriving with new life in another. The amplification propels awareness and built credibility across communities.


Do the videos lose quality when reposting Reels to TikTok?

No, the original media files are exported so no quality is lost. The only risk is from extensive editing prior to upload.

Can I repurpose Reels content older than 24 hours?

Yes, you can repost old Reels videos without any age restrictions as long as they abide by TikTok’s content guidelines.

Do the Reels need to include hashtags to transfer to TikTok?

No, any metadata or captions will be stripped out when exporting Reels media. You’ll rewrite unique descriptions for each TikTok post.

How many Reels can I cross-post per day without risking restrictions?

To avoid spam flags, limit uploads to 1-5 repurposed Reels daily. Monitor for any moderation warnings if increasing rate.

Will the videos still have my Instagram audio attached when moved to TikTok?

Unfortunately, copyright rules will usually block audio carrying over. Source new music options fitting creative vision.

Can someone repost a Reel I shared if they don’t follow me on Instagram?

As long as your original media is public, anyone can save and re-upload your Reels content without following you.

Conclusion: How to Repost Instagram Reels Videos on TikTok

The immense popularity of short-form social video continues rising across platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This presents a prime opportunity to extend your Reels content’s reach through repurposing. While reposting requires extra effort, embracing cross-promotion fuels exponential growth.

The steps outlined equips any creator to rediscover their Reels archive’s hidden gems primed for new life. Audiences crave an endless stream of entertainment tailored to their community. An Insta-favorite might connect even deeper given a reboot with TikTok tweaks.

Maximizing inventive media’s visibility takes perseverance, but each reimagination multiplies eyes. So defy platform constraints by delivering joy to viewers wherever demand calls. Blend nuanced customizations atop redistributions to immerse fans anew. Wherever snacking consumers scroll, your recipes for smiles await thanks to repurposing’s viral ignition.

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