How to Recover Deleted Reels Drafts on Instagram?

Instagram’s Reels feature has revolutionized the way we create and share short videos. With its creative editing tools and engaging effects, Reels enables users to express themselves in unique ways. However, it can be disheartening if you accidentally delete a Reels draft that you had spent time perfecting.

But worry not! In this article, we will explore effective methods how to recover deleted Reels drafts on Instagram. Whether you are an influencer, content creator, or simply someone who enjoys sharing captivating videos, this guide is here to help you retrieve your lost content and continue inspiring your followers.

How to Recover Deleted Reels Drafts on Instagram?

Accidentally deleting a Reels draft can feel like a major setback, but fear not! You can recover your deleted Reels drafts on Instagram by following these simple steps:

How to Recover Deleted Reels Drafts on Instagram?
  1. Check Recently Deleted: Instagram provides a safety net by storing your deleted content in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days. To access this folder, go to your profile, tap the three horizontal lines, and select “Settings.” From there, choose “Account,” then “Recently Deleted.” Here, you can find your deleted Reels drafts and restore them to your account.
  2. Restore from Recently Deleted: Once you’ve located your deleted Reels drafts in the “Recently Deleted” folder, select the desired draft and tap on the “Restore” button. Instagram will then prompt you to confirm the restoration. After confirmation, your Reels draft will be reinstated to its original location, ready for further edits or sharing.
  3. Contact Instagram Support: If your deleted Reels drafts do not appear in the “Recently Deleted” folder or you encounter any issues during the recovery process, it is advisable to reach out to Instagram Support. They may be able to assist you further in recovering your lost drafts. To contact Instagram Support, navigate to the Help Center on the Instagram website or app and follow the provided instructions.
  4. Utilize Data Recovery Tools: In some cases, your deleted Reels drafts may not be retrievable through Instagram’s built-in recovery options. However, there are third-party data recovery tools available that can help you recover deleted content. These tools scan your device’s storage for remnants of deleted files, increasing your chances of recovering lost Reels drafts. Do thorough research to find reputable data recovery tools that support Instagram content retrieval.
  5. Regularly Back Up Your Content: Prevention is always better than cure. To safeguard your Reels drafts from accidental deletion, make it a habit to back up your content regularly. You can save your drafts locally on your device or use cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. By backing up your content, you can easily recover deleted Reels drafts without relying solely on Instagram’s recovery options.

How can I avoid accidentally deleting Reels drafts in the future?

To prevent accidental deletion of Reels drafts in the future, there are a few precautionary measures you can take:

  • Double-check before deleting: Before confirming the deletion of a Reels draft, ensure that you have selected the correct one. Take a moment to review the content and consider if you truly want to delete it.
  • Enable drafts auto-save: In your Instagram settings, you have the option to enable the auto-save feature for Reels drafts. With this feature activated, your drafts will be automatically saved as you work on them, minimizing the risk of accidental deletion.
  • Back up your drafts: As mentioned earlier, regularly backing up your Reels drafts externally provides an additional layer of protection. By saving your drafts on your device or using cloud storage services, you can easily restore them if they are accidentally deleted.


Accidentally deleting Reels drafts on Instagram can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean your content is lost forever. By utilizing the “Recently Deleted” folder, contacting Instagram Support, exploring data recovery tools, and taking preventive measures, you can increase your chances of recovering your deleted Reels drafts successfully.

Remember to act promptly, as the longer you wait, the higher the chances of permanent deletion. Protect your creative efforts by regularly backing up your drafts and staying vigilant during the deletion process. With these strategies, you can bounce back from the loss and continue delighting your audience with captivating Reels content.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How long do Reels drafts stay in the “Recently Deleted” folder?

How long do Reels drafts stay in the "Recently Deleted" folder?

Reels drafts remain in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days. During this period, you can restore them to your account.

Can I recover a Reels draft that was deleted more than 30 days ago?

No, Instagram only keeps deleted Reels drafts in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days. After this period, the drafts are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Why can’t I find my deleted Reels drafts in the “Recently Deleted” folder?

If you are unable to find your deleted Reels drafts in the “Recently Deleted” folder, it’s possible that they have been automatically cleared from the folder due to the 30-day retention period. Instagram periodically clears the folder to optimize storage. In such cases, it is recommended to explore alternative methods like data recovery tools or reaching out to Instagram Support for further assistance.

Are there any risks associated with using third-party data recovery tools?

While third-party data recovery tools can be helpful in retrieving deleted Reels drafts, it’s important to exercise caution when using them. Not all tools are reliable, and some may pose risks to your device’s security and privacy. It is crucial to research and choose reputable data recovery tools from trusted sources. Additionally, make sure to read reviews, check user ratings, and follow the provided instructions carefully to minimize any potential risks.

Can I recover Reels drafts that were deleted before the introduction of the “Recently Deleted” folder?

Can I recover Reels drafts that were deleted before the introduction of the "Recently Deleted" folder?

Unfortunately, the “Recently Deleted” folder was introduced as a feature to help users recover deleted content. If your Reels drafts were deleted prior to the introduction of this folder, the recovery options are limited. It is advisable to reach out to Instagram Support and explain the situation in detail. Although there are no guarantees, they may be able to assist you based on the specifics of your case.

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