How to Find Saved Reels on TikTok

TikTok Reels have rapidly grown into one of the most popular formats on the platform. Covering topics ranging from comedy sketches to dance challenges to recipes, these 15-30 second multi-clip videos utilize the app’s creative editing tools like no other form of short-form social content. It’s no wonder users are saving Reels to their Favorites or Collections at astounding rates. Whether you want to easily access the latest viral dance routine or delicious dinner recipe again later – how to find saved Reels on TikTok is key.

However, with the sheer volume of amazing Reels being produced daily on TikTok, they can be surprisingly tricky to relocate amongst all your likes, bookmarks and scrolling feeds. Suddenly that game-changing makeup tutorial or side-splitting meme is nowhere to be found! But have no fear – this guide will teach you expert techniques on precisely how to find saved Reels on TikTok so you never lose an entertaining or helpful video again.

We’ll provide clear instructions covering:

  • Accessing and managing Reels saved to your Favorites
  • Creating and organizing custom Collections
  • Importing previously liked Reels
  • Strategies for tracking memorable Reels you want to save

Overview of Saving Reels on TikTok

Before jumping into the details on locating saved content, it’s important to understand the different ways you can “save” Reels within TikTok in the first place.

When viewing a Reel you want to save for later, you have a few options:

Liking Reels

The most common way users save Reels is by “liking” them. Simply tap the heart icon on a Reel and it gets added to your “Liked” list for easy access later. By default, liked Reels are private (only you can see them).

Saving Reels to Favorites

You also have the option to add Reels to a public-facing “Favorites” list that displays on your profile. To save a Reel to Favorites, tap the share icon and select “Save to Favorites”. Other users can then view Reels you’ve publicly saved.

Creating Reel Collections

Finally, you can create custom Collections to organize and group various Reels you like. Collections keep your saved content neatly arranged by specific topics or themes.

Accessing and Managing Saved Reels

When you want to access Reels you have previously saved, there are a couple go-to places within TikTok to find them.

Using Your Profile to View Saved Reels

The most straightforward way to find your liked Reels is directly through your profile.

To view saved Reels:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Scroll down and select “Liked”

This will display your full chronological list of privately liked Reels for easy browsing and rediscovery.

You can scroll to re-watch Reels or use filters like “Sound” to sort your liked videos and spot trends in what you save.

Creating and Managing Collections

If you want to organize saved Reels for simplified searching, use Collections:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap “Collections”
  • Create new Collection or add to existing ones

Curate and share collections centered around topics like cooking, sports, fashion, etc. You can also make some public to showcase favorites on your channel.

Importing Past Liked Reels

If you’re noticing Reels missing from your Liked list, it may be because TikTok limits your ability to view previously liked videos after a certain time period.

However, you can import your past likes into organized Collections thanks to TikTok’s Video Manager tool:

  1. Go to[yourusername]/video
  2. Click “Import videos” in top right
  3. Select “Import videos from Like history”
  4. Choose date range of likes to import
  5. Select Reels you still want saved
  6. Add imported Reels to new/existing Collections

Finding Reels You Accidentally Unliked

Uh oh. You’ve just realized you mistakenly unliked a hilarious meme Reel or the perfect recipe video you wanted to remake. Is it possible to get back?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to retrieve a Reel you have unliked within TikTok. Once it’s disliked, it generally won’t show under your saved content anymore.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Scroll through full Liked list – Case of accidental double tap? Maybe it’s still saved there
  • Search keywords – If you recall specifics like a sound, song, caption or creator, search TikTok to attempt to rediscover
  • Check notifications – If you got notified when original creator posted, may still be in notifications history
  • Recreate from scratch – Stitch together your own version replicating their Reel if all else fails

Tips to Track Reels You Want to Save

To ensure you never lose a precious Reel again, here are some proactive tips:

  • Turn on notifications for your favorite creators so you get alerted anytime they post new Reels.
  • Use screen recording to capture Reels and store copies securely in your camera roll.
  • Tag friends in Reel comments/captions to easily reference together later.
  • Share to other channels by copying the Reel link or downloading then reposting elsewhere.
  • Add to multiple Collections if it’s especially good – maybe “Recipes” AND “Favorites”.


Why can’t I see my previously liked Reels anymore?

TikTok limits how far back you can scroll through your Liked list over time. Use the Video Manager tool to import your old liked Reels into organized Collections if they are missing.

How do I recover a Reel if I accidentally unliked it?

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve an accidentally unliked Reel. You will have to search keywords hoping to rediscover it or recreate it from scratch. Be more careful when liking!

Can someone see if I save their Reel to my favorites?

If you save someone’s Reel to your Favorites list specifically, that is public-facing on your profile for them and other users to see. But your general private Liked list of Reels remains only visible to you.

Why can’t I save someone’s Reel?

If the option to like or save a Reel is missing, the creator may have limited saving/sharing capabilities when they originally posted it. Contact them to enable if you want to add it to your Liked list.

How many Reels can I save at once?

There is no official limit on the number of Reels you can have liked at one time. Your Liked list can grow indefinitely as you scroll! But at a certain point, performance lagginess may occur in the app.

I saved a Reel but now it says “Video unavailable” – what happened?

If a saved Reel displays “video unavailable”, that means the original uploader either deleted it or their account. Unfortunately the Reel is gone from TikTok entirely in those cases.

Conclusion: How to Find Saved Reels on TikTok

Finding and managing your saved Reels is critical if you want to fully utilize TikTok’s incredibly rich, yet ephemeral content. With Reels getting lost in busy feeds or accidentally unliked, this guide outlined precise instructions to retrieve your gems.

We covered accessing your full Liked list along with organizing custom Collections – both perfect for housing all your beloved Reels. You also now understand how to recover old likes that disappeared over time using TikTok’s Video Manager. While accidentally losing a one-of-a-kind, hilarious or helpful Reel is frustrating, it happens to all of us. Implement the bookmarking best practices in this article to always have any treasured viral videos, entertaining meme sketches or useful “How to Find Saved Reels on TikTok” moments at your fingertips.

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