How to Find Liked Reels on Facebook?

Facebook Reels are the newest way to discover and share entertaining short-form videos on the platform. As more original and fun Reels populate feeds, you likely find yourself frequently liking ones that make you laugh or brighten your day. But what happens after you keep scrolling? How do you locate and rewatch those amusing Reels again later when you want to pick me up?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t surface like Reels in your main feeds like you may expect. However, they do archive every Reel you like for easy access when you know where to look. This guide covers the step-by-step approaches How to Find Liked Reels on Facebook so you can rediscover and organize those gems whenever needed.

Accessing Your Full Liked Reels Archive on Facebook

When you “Like” a Reel on Facebook by tapping the heart icon or using the Like button, it saves that video to your profile for future access. There are two primary methods to easily find your full collection of liked Reels:

The Activity Log Method

  1. Click on the downward arrow at the upper right of Facebook to open your profile menu.
  2. Choose “Activity log” from the dropdown options.
  3. Select “Reels” from the sidebar list of activity items.
  4. Scroll down through your full archive of liked Reels videos! Like, comment or share as desired.

The Shortcuts Menu Method

  1. Click the three line “hamburger” menu icon at the lower right.
  2. Choose “Reels” from the middle column of shortcuts options.
  3. Immediately access your feed of all previously liked Reels to rewatch!

Organizing, Managing, and Sharing Your Liked Reels

Once you’ve accessed your full Liked Reels archive using either method above, you gain flexible options for organizing, downloading, and sharing those gems:

Download Reels to Your Device

Tap the downward arrow on any video to save a copy of that Reel directly to your camera roll. This allows uploading to other apps too!

Create Playlists of Favorite Reels

Use the “+” button visible when clicking on “Reels” to build custom playlists around themes like “Funny”, “Cooking”, or “Motivation”.

Delete Less Useful Liked Reels

Hold your finger on any video to open a menu with the option to unlike. Curate only your very favorite content long term.

Easily Share Liked Reels

The “Share” link gives quick access to posting that Reel in your feed or privately sending to friends in messages for their smiles as well!

Tips for Finding Specific Liked Reels Later

Once you’ve built up a large archive of previously liked Reels, locating one again later can get tricky. Use these pro tips:

Use Search to Find Reels

The magnifying glass icon allows searching keywords in captions. Look for distinguishing words to isolate one Reel.

Sort Reels from Newest to Oldest

Tap the sort button to reorder your content from latest to earliest likes. Helpful for estimating timeframes.

Scroll Patiently Through the Full Archive

Without better filters, you may need to visually scan videos to spot the one you want. But enjoyable rediscoveriesa wait!

While the process lacks advanced features, a few helpful tricks ease re-finding special Reels worthy of your likes. You’ll get familiar with the archive over time through rewatching.

What Makes a Likable Reels Video?

While accessing your Liked Reels collection is great, even better is seeing your own entertaining videos stacking up hearts and engagement. What inspires that coveted tap of the Like button? Here are key insights:

Analyze Trends in Your Best Performing Reels

Sort your own Reels by likes. What themes and formulas lead to your biggest hits? Let that guide your next video ideas.

React to Hot Trends in Timely Ways

What amusing takes on viral topics could only your unique personality provide? Weave in pop culture references fans recognize.

Ask Engaging Questions in Captions

Pose fun questions in your text to spark curiosity and discussion in comments below from viewers.

Use these content creation tips inspired by analytics to fuel more intoxicating content worth liking!

Remember Your Liked Reels Are Waiting

As you continue scrolling through the endless stream of entertaining, informative, and funny Reels content each day, don’t hesitate to frequently tap that Like button on ones that bring joy.

Even if they disappear down the feed in that moment, this article outlined the simple paths to access your full Liked Reels archive later:

  • Check the Activity Log
  • Use the Shortcuts Menu
  • Download, organize, or share as needed!


Why don’t my liked Reels show up in my main feed anymore?

Facebook archives your liked Reels separately, so they won’t populate in your News Feed. Simply access them directly from the shortcuts or Activity Log sections.

Can I get notified when new Reels are posted by pages I like?

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t have an option to notify you of new Reels like they do for normal posts. You need to check their pages manually.

How many of my past liked Reels are saved in my archive?

Facebook stores an unlimited number of your historically liked Reels. You can scroll endlessly through the archive to rediscover old favorites unless you actively delete any.

Is there a way to download multiple Reels at once?

There is no bulk download functionality currently. You have to save copies one at a time. But they are then accessible forever!

Can I sort my liked Reels by earliest or most popular?

The only sort filter is to order by newest liked Reels at the top versus oldest liked ones at bottom. No view counters available.

How do I remove Reels from my Liked archive?

Press and hold on the Reel you want gone and choose the “Unlike” option. This permanently deletes it from the collection.

Conclusion: How to Find Liked Reels on Facebook

As Reels continue gaining popularity across Facebook, tapping the Like button on entertaining videos can happen almost subconsciously at times. But failing to remember those diamonds in the rough liked among the scroll can be frustrating later. Rather than lose out, this guide outlined the simple paths to reassessing your full archive.

While advanced management options would always be welcome, the existing tools meet basic needs for saving favorites back to profiles. Some helpful tips make how to find liked Reels on Facebook again easier too. But over time, rediscovering the gems you liked becomes a treat as you build an archive of smiles, laughs, and moving moments. Don’t underestimate the value to your day from revisiting almost forgotten Reels boasting your virtual thumbs up. And hopefully the collection increasingly features your own creative videos as well winning over fans.

In summary – locating and rewatching liked Reels is easier than it first appears once you find the archive. The joy of revisiting favorites can recharge your day. Here’s hoping this article not only uncovered forgotten treasures, but inspired you to create uplifting Reels yourself worthy of liking!

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