How to Download TikTok Application with Monetization Enabled in 2024

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Its short-form video format makes it easy for anyone to create fun and engaging content. And for many talented creators, TikTok also presents a major opportunity to earn money from their videos. In this guide how to download tiktok application with monetization enabled features.

In 2024, TikTok has rolled out and expanded features that allow video makers to monetize their content. This includes ways for viewers to tip creators, purchase virtual gifts to show support, subscribe for exclusive content, and more. But you’ll need to download the TikTok app properly and set up your account correctly to access these key money-making capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide how to download tiktok application with monetization enabled features in just a few simple steps:

Download the TikTok App

To get started, you’ll first need to download the latest version of the TikTok app on your mobile device. TikTok is available for free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Make sure your device meets TikTok’s minimum system requirements for iOS or Android. And download over WiFi if possible to prevent large mobile data charges from your carrier. The initial TikTok download and installation process only takes a few minutes. Once downloaded, the fun begins!

Create & Set Up Your TikTok Account

Now it’s time to create your new TikTok account. The app will guide you through a quick sign up process. You can use an existing email or connect your Google or Facebook account to register instantly.

Be sure to use a real email you have access to for account verification and password recovery purposes. Read through TikTok’s terms of service then tap agree to create your account.

Next, personalize your profile with a unique username, name, photo and bio summary. TikTok app will use device data to detect your location but you can update this manually too. Your personalized profile helps build your identity and brand for fans.

Set Account Permissions for Monetization Access

With your core account created, there are a few key permission and eligibility settings required to enable TikTok monetization features.

First, go into your profile Settings > Privacy. Update both Account Privacy and Data Collection for relevant options like “Share my video clips to TikTok” and “Allow TikTok to collect my video clips.” This grants permission for TikTok to track performance data required for certain monetization programs.

Also ensure your account minimum age 13 or older. Update Settings > Digital Wellbeing as needed to confirm age. Monetization capabilities only apply legally to adult users in most countries.

Enable LIVE Stream Access

Many of TikTok’s built-in money making features rely on LIVE streaming capabilities. So you need to enable LIVE stream permissions in the app too.

Go to your Profile > Settings > Privacy > LIVE Stream. Toggle “Allow others to find my LIVE streams” to ON to permit streaming privileges. Toggle on additional options like “Share my LIVE Streams to TikTok” as well to unlock gifting potential.

Meeting age, location and account standing eligibility criteria also required for LIVE access and monetization. So stay active daily to maintain access.

Set Up TikTok Creator Fund Account

The marquee TikTok Creator Fund provides monthly payouts to creators based on the engagement and views for their videos. It’s limited to mid-size and established creators but a key tool for long term income.

To qualify, you’ll need 10k+ followers and 10k video views in the last 30 days. Meet the thresholds and apply through Profile > Settings > Creator Fund to set up your account and begin earning.

Payouts start at only $100 monthly but can scale to thousands based on performance. So keep striving for more fans and engagement to maximize Creator Fund earnings over time as you establish your channel.

Share Links & Add Donations Options

A simple way to earn real money from followers is by adding some donation or tipping capabilities on your profile. Start by linking sites like PayPal or GoFundMe in your TikTok bio so fans can support your work. Some creators offer subscription gifts or one-time donations in return for exclusive content offers or followers-only LIVE streams too.

When posting videos, add options for viewers to provide monetary tips or gift donations while engaging with your content. The more value you provide, the higher the motivation for investment from fans.

Promote Multi-Platform Channels

While TikTok boasts tremendous money making potential directly in-app, you can further supplement income by promoting your other social media channels too.

Add links in your TikTok bio or on-video captions to drive traffic to monetized platforms like YouTube (AdSense revenue share), Instagram (affiliate promotions) or an influencer sponsorships portfolio site.

Cross-promoting increases followers across channels while tapping additional streams beyond just TikTok. Expand your brand while tapping the unique monetization advantages of each platform community.

Check Monetization Analytics

As your views and followers grow over time, tap into TikTok analytics to quantify your monetization opportunities and earnings.

Go to Profile > Settings > Manage Account > Open to Monetization tab. This breaks down lifetime views, overall earnings, and category-specific data tied to TikTok’s money-making capabilities for your account and content.

Monitor frequently to determine what content styles, engagement tactics and promotional partnerships are optimizing your income. Let data guide decisions to maximize the returns.

Conclusion – How to Download TikTok Application with Monetization Enabled

Downloading TikTok is simple and free. But configuring your account appropriately takes awareness and strategic setup choices to access all the platform’s money making functions.

Follow this guide to cover the profile, privacy and eligibility factors that enable monetization for TikTok creators. Add donation options, links to other channels and regularly check earnings data too. Combine TikTok’s own Creator Fund, LIVE gifting and in-app promotions with supplemental external channels on YouTube, Instagram and more.


Can you monetize TikTok videos without 1,000 followers?

No, you typically need at least 1,000 followers before you can apply for monetization programs like TikTok’s Creator Fund. However, you can still earn smaller amounts through fan tips, gifts and donations even with a smaller following.

What types of videos can you monetize on TikTok?

All types of videos that provide value and engage viewers can be monetized on TikTok through fan support donations, Creator Fund payouts, sponsored branded content, promotions and more. Popular monetized content types include comedy skits, dances, life hacks, challenges and tutorials.

Can TikTok accounts get banned for monetization?

Yes, accounts can be banned from monetization or have access restricted if you violate any terms of service around content quality, copyright, artificial engagement growth, and inappropriate behaviors meant solely to increase earnings. Maintain authentic content and growth techniques for full, sustained monetization access.

What information does TikTok require for monetization enrollment?

To access monetization features, you need to provide key details like your full legal name, physical address, date of birth, contact info and government ID/tax info in order to receive payment account registration and payouts. This verifies identity and eligibility to earn real income through the app legally.

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