How long can a reel be on Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the popular social media mediums like TikTok and Youtube to create content like audio clips, used for posting and sharing photos using filters, music, videos, or text. Users like to add filters and stickers to their images, which gives them a little personal touch to publish content.

The audience can post photos, music, and video to their Instagram story. Instagram lets users search through other photos, hashtag them and include emojis, and share images to other social media platforms like Youtube and Tiktok. In this article we have detailed How long can a reel be on Instagram?

What is a reel on Instagram?

Reels are the square frames you see at the top of an image, giving the impression that the image is wrapped around a spool.

Reels are meant to be post-viewed by people with certain screen sizes. You cannot post more than 1 or 2 recordings or short reels on Instagram if they fit the phone since they are only allowed 4 columns on it. But even if you have more reels and fit them on the phone, you still cannot use them all. It will be quite pointless.

Instagram reels are available in sizes from 3 inches to 20 inches. There is a maximum number of short reels that can be posted and shown to the audience. So you cannot choose shows more than the allowed maximum short reels for the current screen size of your phone. Here are the maximum number of reels that are allowed to be posted and viewed by the audience.

The number of reels displayed depends on the screen size. So, a 10″ screen chooses to show 5 reels, while a 6″ chooses to show 3 reels to post for audience. You can find out the actual number by measuring the length of the screen. 

IG Reels Length:

How long can a IG reels length be on Instagram?
IG Reels Length

Did you notice that most of the top models worldwide have many followers? Well, this is because they have a very strong social media presence. Most social media profiles have many followers, but some people don’t have enough.

The Instagram reels are the videos you have posted on your Instagram profile. When you have an Instagram account, then you can use these reels. There is no limit to the number of reels you can create, but the length of the reel will depend on the number of photos in your reel.

You can upload a maximum of three videos per day. You can also add a maximum of two text captions per video. If you want to edit your reel, share it in your Stories. You can edit your reel before sharing it in the Stories.

So, how long is an Instagram reel?

You can create different lengths of the reel depending on the number of images in your reel. You can create a 1-minute reel, or you can create a 30-second reel. You can create any reel that you want.

If you want to make a long reel, you can use a different app. You can select any app to make the reel, but the length of the reel will depend on the number of images you have in your reel.

If you are looking for a perfect way to build your social media profile, then Instagram reels are the best way. If you have a lot of images in your reel, you can create a more extended reel.

Ways to interact on Instagram:

There are two main ways you can interact with others on Instagram. 

  • You can follow someone else’s account as an audience to view their content, footage, and stories, and see their posts and likes.
  • The second option is to tag people in your posts. When you tag someone, they receive a notification when they look at your feed, making it easier to follow and share pictures and videos with them.

It is 30-second reels not working:

It is 30-second reels not working
It is 30-second reels not working

30-second reels not working means that your reels feature isn’t compatible with Instagram. Try to see the tools if Instagram is installed properly.

If it is not, you need to download it from the play store. There you need to see if it has been installed correctly with every feature. If not, you will need to delete the app and install it again. In the same way, you should also try to update the features of the app. To do that, go to settings and select the option apps. Select the updates tab and select the update button.

If the app is installed properly, you can change the number of reels. You can check the number of reels here:

  • Tap on the option edit profile button in the top-right corner. Now tap on the option edit profile and scroll down to the bottom. The number of reels will be there. 

How to get 60-sec reels on Instagram?

There are a few ways to get 60 seconds length on Instagram. One way is to post an image that is larger than the normal Instagram limit. Another way is to use a GIF or video.

The 60-second reels on Instagram can help you to create or record a nice-looking social media account like other famous Youtube and Tiktok. There are some ways to get a 60-second reel on Instagram. The first is to post a photo that is bigger than the normal Instagram limit.

The next is to use a GIF or a video. You can also make a new account and try to upload one picture a day until you reach your 60-second length reel. Another way to get a 60-second reel on Instagram is to use apps like Instagram to help you achieve this goal. With an app like that, you can easily manage your Instagram account. It allows you to choose your pictures and you can add captions as well. 


In conclusion, the answer to how long can a reel be on Instagram depends on what kind of video you’re uploading to Instagram. But, for most people, the ideal length for a video on Instagram is 90 seconds. If you have more than two minutes, you should consider making it into a longer video.

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Frequently Ask Question

How long can a reel be on Instagram 60 seconds?

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, can allow sharing a single photo for up to 60 seconds. This is usually a time limit imposed by Instagram for quality assurance purposes.
Yes, you can post a 3-minute reel recorded on Instagram, but it needs to be edited first. You need to make sure that your reel has good quality, and contains at least 10 seconds of video. You can then post the video through the app, and post the link to your followers. 

How long can IG reels be in 2022?

How long can IG reels be in 2022?

IG reels have a maximum lifespan of 10 years, and they can be expected to run for a longer period of time if they are in good condition. So, if you’re planning to purchase a new reel, we suggest that you buy a high-quality one so that you can enjoy its best performance for a longer duration.

Can a reel be longer than 60 seconds?

Yes, a reel can be longer than 60 seconds. But this is dependent on how long you have to play your reel. Reels are usually about 4 to 8 minutes long, which means that the maximum length to record a reel can be 60 minutes. But if you are using a portable device to record the reel, then you will need to adjust your timer settings accordingly. 

How do you make your reels longer on Instagram?

Instagram has introduced a new feature called reels that allows you to show a story only a portion of a photo. To enable the feature, start with your profile and click on “Photo reels”. A slider bar will appear next to your cover photos. Drag this to the right to display the entire image.

How do you make a 2-minute reel on Instagram?

How do you make a 2-minute reel on Instagram?

Instagram has two options to create a 2-minute reel or video – a story or a grid. A grid allows you to add different types of content in a grid format, while a story allows you to include photos, videos, and text. In both cases, you’ll need to create a still image or video and add a caption with a link to your profile. If you’re new to the platform, you should consider creating a profile first before attempting to create a 2-minute reel video clip.

How long can a reel be on Instagram?

90 seconds

How do you make a 3-minute reel?

When the music starts, you begin your recording of the first line of the song. After the music stops, you record your second line of the song. When the music stops, you start recording your third line, and so on until you finish all three lines of the song.

Can a reel be longer than 60 seconds?

Yes, if the reel is an even number of turns. For example, a 120-turn reel would be 60 seconds. A reel that is the odd number of turns could be either longer or shorter than 60 seconds.

What is the video duration of an Instagram reel?

The duration of the Instagram video would be 10 minutes.

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