Can I Post TikTok Videos on Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels is a relatively new video feature within the Facebook app that allows users to create and share short, entertaining vertical videos, similar to the popular app TikTok. With TikTok’s rising popularity and massive user base, many social media creators and marketers are wondering whether they can leverage their existing TikTok videos by cross-posting or uploading them directly into Facebook Reels.

Explore the possibilities of people asking can i post TikTok videos on Facebook reels. Learn about manual alternatives, discover how to download and upload content, and explore options like sharing TikTok links or utilizing Facebook Stories. Uncover the benefits and challenges of cross-posting, and find valuable insights for effectively repurposing your TikTok content on Facebook

What Are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels bears a close resemblance to TikTok, functioning as a platform for creating and sharing short-from vertical videos right within the Facebook app interface. Some key features of Facebook Reels include:

  • Vertical videos optimized for mobile devices
  • Short-length clips up to 60 seconds
  • In-app editing tools and features like audio, effects, text overlays, etc.
  • Engaging video format similar to TikTok trends and content
  • A new native video feature for Facebook focused on short video content

The Facebook Reels section allows both amateur and professional content creators to produce short, entertaining video clips intended to go viral amongst Facebook users. The built-in editing tools make it simple for anyone to assemble visually engaging Reels using a variety of templates, digital effects, audio tracks, and more.

So how does this relate back to TikTok content? Let’s explore whether there are options to directly or indirectly leverage TikTok videos on Facebook Reels platform.

Is There a Way to Cross-Post TikTok Videos to Facebook Reels?

Many social media marketers are wondering whether there is direct integration that enables easy cross-posting from TikTok over to Facebook Reels. Unfortunately, directly posting TikTok videos into Facebook Reels is not possible at this time.

Direct Posting is Not Possible

The key reasons why you cannot directly cross-post TikTok videos over to Facebook Reels include:

  • No current integration between the TikTok and Facebook platforms for video sharing.
  • No functionality allowing users to seamlessly post TikTok videos into Facebook Reels.
  • Manual workarounds required – downloading and then reuploading.

Essentially there is no native feature or partnership in place to automatically pull content from a TikTok profile over to Facebook Reels. Users have to employ informal “workarounds” using video downloads and reuploads.

So unfortunately easy automated cross-platform video posting between TikTok and Facebook does not exist. But there are still options for sharing TikTok content manually.

Downloading and Uploading TikTok Videos to Facebook

Since seamless automated cross-posting isn’t possible between TikTok and Facebook Reels, the alternative is to manually download TikTok videos and then upload them:

  • Download the original TikTok video to your device or computer first. There are many apps and websites that allow saving TikTok videos. Some also provide options to download without watermarks.
  • Next, log into the Facebook app and access the Reels composer feature. Here you can import the downloaded video clip just like any other video on your device.
  • In the Reels editor, edit the video as needed adding effects, text, audio etc. Then you’re able to upload the finished Reel to Facebook as you normally would.

While this workaround involves manually exporting the video off TikTok and then importing it into Facebook Reels with no automation, it still allows TikTok creators to leverage their content by reaching Facebook audiences.

However, it does require downloading the original piece of content from TikTok and then repurposing it by saving it as a new video file on Facebook Reels. So it presents extra work compared to automated cross-posting available between some other platforms.

Alternative Ways to Share TikTok Content on Facebook

While directly integrating TikTok and Facebook Reels for cross-posting isn’t possible, you still have a few options for getting your TikTok content seen by Facebook users:

Posting TikTok Links

One easy way to increase visibility is posting a link to your TikTok videos on Facebook:

  • When viewing a TikTok video in the app, tap “Share” then “Copy Link”.
  • In Facebook, create a new post (either to your Timeline or a Facebook Page) and paste in the TikTok link.
  • This will embed a preview of video that friends or followers can view.
  • Links drive traffic back to your original TikTok video and profile.

Simply posting TikTok links provides an easy way for Facebook friends and followers to discover and watch the TikTok content you want them to see.

Facebook Stories

Another way to repurpose TikTok videos for Facebook audiences is directly sharing them to Facebook Stories:

  • In the TikTok app, tap the “Share” icon on the video post screen.
  • Select the “Share to Facebook Story” option.
  • Follow prompts to share the video as a short 24 hour Facebook Story.

Content shared this way can gain increased visibility thanks to Facebook’s algorithm favoring Stories.

There are still options to get your viral TikTok video moments seen by friends and connections on Facebook without having to download, edit and repost videos manually into Reels.

Should I Post My TikTok Videos on Facebook Reels?

While reposting TikTok videos on Facebook Reels does provide increased visibility, there are some additional factors to weigh when deciding if it’s right for your brand:

Potential Benefits

  • Reach new audiences that are not on TikTok
  • Increase visibility and engagement for your best performing video content
  • Help reinforce brand consistency across platforms
  • Provides a way to showcase existing TikTok content without having to create entirely new Reels from scratch

Downsides and Considerations

  • Takes additional time and effort versus automated cross-posting
  • Need to assess any music licensing limitations that apply on both platforms
  • Differences in platform audiences and algorithms mean content performs differently
  • Viewers may desire new custom content optimized specifically for Reels

Determining whether downloading and reposting TikTok videos makes sense involves assessing these advantages against drawbacks like production time and platform differences.

Key Takeaways: Posting TikTok to Facebook Reels

To recap the key points covering whether you can take TikTok video content and post it natively to Facebook’s Reels product:

  • Direct automated cross-posting is not possible at this time – manual exporting and importing of videos is required
  • You can download TikTok videos and then upload them as borrowed content into Reels
  • Alternative options available like linking to TikTok videos or sharing them as Facebook Stories
  • Additional considerations around audience differences, licensing issues, and production workload should be weighed

The ability to automatically share content between the platforms is something TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook may address through partnerships and product integrations in the future. But for now, directly publishing user-generated videos from TikTok into Facebook Reels is a manual process.

There are still worthwhile ways to repurpose TikTok content on Facebook, but creators should evaluate whether the additional effort makes sense based on their brand objectives and audience needs.

Conclusion – Can I Post TikTok Videos on Facebook Reels?

In summary, direct cross-posting of TikTok videos to Facebook Reels is not currently possible. While manual options exist, such as downloading and uploading videos, these involve extra effort. Alternatively, can I post TikTok videos on Facebook reels? to reach audiences. When deciding whether to repost TikTok content on Facebook Reels, creators should consider the benefits of reaching new audiences and reinforcing brand consistency, balanced against the downsides of additional time and effort, potential licensing limitations, and differences in platform algorithms. While challenges exist, creators can still find valuable ways to repurpose TikTok content on Facebook. Future integrations may address current limitations.


Can I directly post my TikTok videos to Facebook Reels?

No, direct cross-posting between TikTok and Facebook Reels is not currently possible.

What alternatives exist for sharing TikTok content on Facebook?

You can manually download TikTok videos and upload them to Facebook Reels, share TikTok links on Facebook, or post TikTok videos as Facebook Stories.

Are there benefits to reposting TikTok videos on Facebook Reels?

Yes, potential benefits include reaching new audiences, increasing visibility for top-performing content, and reinforcing brand consistency across platforms.

What challenges should I consider when reposting TikTok content on Facebook?

Challenges include the additional time and effort required for manual reposting, potential music licensing limitations, and differences in platform audiences and algorithms.

Can I automate the sharing of TikTok content between platforms in the future?

While not currently available, future integrations and partnerships between TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook may address limitations in cross-platform sharing.

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