Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Instagram is a great social media platform for influencers. It has become the most popular way to share photos and videos. You can easily find yourself in a situation where you want to share your best content on Instagram. But what do you do when you want to post a video or photo reel? How do you add your best work to an Instagram reel? In this article, I’ll walk you through the best hashtags for Instagram reels and show you how to make your best content stand out.

A reel is a video showcasing your Instagram account’s best content. It’s a great way to highlight your best work and attract more followers

Have you ever wanted to create a powerful, eye-catching Instagram reel? Have you ever wondered what hashtags to create the best Instagram reel possible? Have you ever wanted to know which hashtags work best with your Instagram content? Well, here’s your answer!

Hashtags for Instagram reels: Are They Necessary?

Hashtags for Instagram reels: Are They Necessary?
Hashtags for Instagram reels: Are They Necessary?

Instagram is the best social media platform to share your thoughts and ideas. Many people have started using this platform to increase their business and make life easier.

The best thing about Instagram is that it has a unique feature called Instagram reels. Reels are the best way to highlight the images, videos, and any other type of content that you have shared on your profile. This feature is helpful because it will make your profile look more attractive.

If you have already noticed how Instagram reels can change your entire profile, then I am sure you will love it.

What are the hashtags for Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are the best way to highlight the images, videos, and any other type of content that you have shared on your profile. These reels will help you to get good exposure to your content, and they will help you to grow your business.

There are two ways of using hashtags for reels. You can use the same ones for your photos and videos or add new hashtags.

Why do we need hashtags for Instagram reels?

Hashtags are the most effective and easiest way to boost your visibility on Instagram. It will allow you to get good exposure to your content. These reels will help you get massive likes and comments, increasing your followers.

How to use hashtags for Instagram reels?

First, you must follow a particular technique to use these tags. If you use the same hashtags for your photos and videos, adding the hashtag to the Instagram reels is simple.

But if you are using the new hashtags for your reels, you will have to add the tags manually into the Instagram reel.

So, these were why we needed the hashtags for the Instagram reels. If you have used the same hashtags for your posts and videos, you don’t have to worry about it. But if you have used new hashtags for the reels, you will have to add them to the Instagram reels manually.

Which hashtags get the most likes on Instagram reels? 

Which hashtags get the most likes on Instagram reels? 
Which hashtags get the most likes on Instagram reels? 

If you want to find out which hashtags are the most popular ones on Instagram, you can use Instagram’s new analytics. The tool is only available to people with an Instagram Business Account, so you’ll need to request access here.

Once you’ve access, head to your analytics page and select the “Reels” tab. Then select the “Instagram Reel” option from the left-hand menu. From there, you can see how many likes each reel has received and how many people added a hashtag to their profile during the reel creation process.

You can also see the average number of views each reel has had. The last column shows you the average number of times each hashtag was used. It’s this column that’s important to know.

Most of the time, people with many views for their reels will also have more likes. However, not all hashtags are created equal. You can’t assume that the top 50 hashtags on Instagram are the ones that get the most likes on Instagram reels.

It depends on your niche, your audience, and your target audience. The best way to find out which hashtags are the most popular ones is to create several different reels for different audiences. Once you’ve got a few reels up, look at the hashtags that were most popular in each. That’s the best way to find out what’s working for you and what’s not.

What are the top 10 hashtags on Instagram? 

Instagram has over 500 million active users. This number will only grow. But how do you get your brand to be seen? The answer lies in hashtags.

What are they?

They are words or phrases that begin with # and are used to describe images or videos. Most hashtags on Instagram are used for brands. But the real question is: What are the most popular hashtags?

Here are the top 10 on Instagram:

  1. #instagood

Since #instagood is so popular, it’s best reserved for your greatest photos. What this means, in a nutshell, is that the user has a lot of pride in this particular shot. The most obvious explanation is that people enjoy all of their photos. Thus, they must all be worthy of the hashtag. 

The second is that an Instagram account (@instagood) was the first to start using the hashtag to highlight the greatest images posted to Instagram. They also encourage followers to follow a second account called @2instagood and to employ a new hashtag: #2instagood.

  1. #travel

This hashtag is used for travel vlogs, pictures, and reels, Users who travel a lot use this hashtag. Moreover, if you, as a follower, are also a fan of travelling, you can use this hashtag to see Instagram posts related to travelling. 

  1. #instamood

Similar to the Instagram account associated with the #instagood hashtag, the #instamood hashtag mainly contains images of nature, such as flowers, animals, and sunsets. However, there are infrequent posts, making this account not particularly interesting to follow.

Thanks to the decentralised nature of hashtags, you can utilise #instamood without even following an account that uses it. Feel free to tag your photos with #instamood if they accurately portray how you’re feeling at the time. All images convey an emotional state, making #instamood universally applicable.

  1. #photooftheday

This isn’t just another hashtag everyone uses to make their mediocre photos trend. Like other widely used hashtags, this one is associated with a specific user.

Every day, the moderators of the account @photooftheday select a single photograph to share with the account’s huge following. The selected photo must, of course, include the #photooftheday hashtag.

Also, by using the hashtag, businesses may let their followers know they will actively engage with the platform daily to build a loyal following. Another variant of this is #picoftheday, which you may come across.

  1. #igdaily

Like #photofotheday, but without the seriousness, using the hashtag #igdaily indicates that you either post content daily (clarify this by including the hashtags #igdailypic or #igdailyphoto) or that the subject of your shot is something you do regularly.

Discuss a typical step in your daily schedule. Let them know what kind of workout routine you’re following. Share with your audience the things that bring you joy regularly.

  1. #igers

Though it’s not widely used, #igers refers to Instagram users. Using this hashtag to label an Instagram photo indicates that you are a user of Instagram. It goes without saying that the hashtag was created to foster interaction among users. Because of this, the @igers account was created.

  1. #tbt

The hashtags #tbt and #throwbackthursday are among the most used on social media, but what do they mean?

Posting old images online on a Thursday is a terrific way to relive fond memories. Selfies taken over the years are a common choice for this purpose. A major issue with this hashtag is that it is frequently included in copy-and-paste hashtag lists, even though most of its applied photographs have nothing to do with Throwback Thursday.

Due to its immense success, a similar feature called #flashbackfriday was created (for those who missed their opportunity the previous day).

  1. #motivation

The hashtag #motivationmonday was popularised on Twitter to encourage people to have a positive work ethic at the beginning of the week. On Instagram, it has a similar function to the hashtag #motivation, albeit the latter is more commonly attached to pictures of people working out.

However, not everyone finds inspiration in seeing others put in hard work. Therefore, some people use hashtags to label pictures of themselves working on laptops.

  1. #instagramhub

Consider the hashtag #instagramhub as the central location for posts from all users. Use this hashtag to create a buzz and spread your message far and wide. A lot of Instagram users always include it.

Selfies (which some users further hashtag as #me), vacation photographs, art, animals, and inspiring words are interspersed in the results of a search for #instagramhub.

More Hashtags

  1. #selfie
  2. #beauty
  3. #girl
  4. #friends
  5. #instalike
  6. #me
  7. #smile
  8. #family
  9. #photo
  10. #life
  11. #likeforlike
  12. #music
  13. #ootd
  14. #makeup
  15. #follow4follow
  16. #amazing
  17. #igers
  18. #nofilter
  19. #model
  20. #sunset
  21. #beach
  22. #design
  23. #motivation
  24. #instamood
  25. #foodporn
  26. #lifestyle
  27. #followforfollow
  28. #sky
  29. #l4l
  30. #f4f
  31. #handmade
  32. #likeforlikes
  33. #cat

What makes reels go viral? 

Did you know Instagram reels are viral? Yes, they are. So, what are Instagram reels, and how do they work? Instagram reels are the new trend that came into the social media scene, and now they are getting viral at an unbelievable speed. People are sharing and liking these reels regularly.

If you have been following the Instagram community for a while, you might have heard about these reels and their popularity. If you are new to the scene, let me tell you that they are the best way to share your story.

If you have been following the Instagram community for a while, you must have heard about the term ‘influencer’. Yes, influencer is the most popular word used by Instagrammers.

Influencers are the people who use the power of Instagram to get followers and gain popularity. They are the ones who have a vast audience and millions of followers. There are a lot of influencers who use Instagram reels to promote their brand and get more followers.

So, the question is, what makes Instagram reels go viral and why are people sharing and liking them regularly? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Instagram Reels are the perfect medium for telling your story. Many people use these reels to show their business and showcase their talent. They are also using these to promote their brand and show their products. They are also using these to express their creativity. All you have to do is to use the best reel idea for Instagram.

The latest statistics show that the most liked Instagram posts are reels. So, you can imagine how much people like these reels. The popularity of Instagram reels can be explained by the fact that these are the best way to tell your story. These are the most effective and creative ways to promote your business. The best part is that these are the best way to showcase your talent.

So, you can see a vast difference between a regular profile and Instagram reels. Instagram reels are the best way to promote your brand and get more followers. So, start posting these reels and see the result.


It’s important to know that hashtags are not just for Twitter anymore. They are also used on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, which are still very useful.

Hashtags are the most important thing on Instagram because it helps you reach more people. So, use these hashtags in your reel and get more likes and comments.

In conclusion, you must know that your content will be viewed by the right people and at the right time. The best way to do this is to use the best hashtags for Instagram reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something about reels that causes them to go viral?

Put in a Call-to-Action to get people involved! When we specifically seek participation, we see a significant uptick in participation. Try to lighten the mood! While we share many helpful how-tos on Reels (we’re all about value!), our funniest videos tend to go viral and gain the most views.

Is the use of hashtags in reels beneficial?

Both the Explore feed and search results will include your Reels. The use of hashtags is a great strategy to attract more people to your Instagram posts and develop your following. They are the key to finding (and falling in love with!) curious browsers.

Do hashtags increase likes on the post?

Use hashtags to increase the discoverability of your social media content. It’s more likely that you’ll get likes and comments if more people see your hashtags.

In reels, is it okay to use 30 hashtags?

In reels, is it okay to use 30 hashtags?

Some argue only to use 5, while others say that would be a waste of a great chance. If you want to know how long a post ranked for a specific hashtag, use the Reels analytics platform to find out. The algorithm for Instagram Reels is unique to the feature.

To what extent do online views determine virality?

Posts are considered viral when they receive over a hundred thousand likes or views and over a thousand comments. However, “viral” is not objective and can have different meanings for various brands. A post may be considered “viral” if its views exceed 10,000.

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